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Obama Rejects Peace in Yemen: Orders Genocidal War Continued

Obama Rejects Peace in Yemen: Orders Genocidal War Continued

by Stephen Lendman

Yemen is being raped in plain sight. Obama bears full responsibility.

It's his planned and orchestrated war - using Saudi and other regional proxies to wage premeditated aggression against a country threatening no one.

He turned another part of the Arab world into a greater cauldron of violence, chaos and instability than already - with no end of conflict in sight. 

Civilian men, women and children suffer most. They're being willfully murdered in cold blood. Media scoundrels either largely ignore or misreport on what's ongoing.

Endless US imperial aggression continues. "(T)he job is not done," said White House communications director Jen Psaki.

Endless war continues. On Monday, Saudis terror-bombed a Taiz girl's school. 

Dozens of children inside were massacred in cold blood. Over 3,000 Yemenis have been killed so far - mostly civilians.

Iraq's Arabic language Nahrain Net news service reported diplomatic sources saying almost 4,000 Saudi military sources fled Yemeni border bases ahead of an anticipated ground invasion.

"The intel gathered by the western intelligence agencies showed that the Saudi military forces have fled their bases, military centers and bordering checkpoints near Yemen in groups," it said.

Other reports indicated over 10,000 Saudi soldiers fled army and National Guard ranks.

Mass desertions prevented Riyadh from invading Yemen so far. Thousands of US/Saudi recruited takfiri terrorists are doing Washington's dirty work on the ground.

Terror-bombing continues unabated into its second month - along with warships shelling coastal areas.

Taiz residents report relentless terror-bombing, artillery, tank and heavy machine gun fire blasting city targets. 

Traumatized residents have no place to hide. "It's like our homes have become a military target," said Tawfiq al-Maamari.

"We left our homes with our children because the missiles are raining down on us without mercy," he explained.

On Sunday, Saudi-led terror-bombing struck Sanaa, Aden Taiz, Dhamar, Marib, Aden, Shabwa, Hajjah, Saada, Ibb, and Lahj.

US/Saudi air and sea blockade conditions prevent Iran from delivering desperately needed humanitarian aid.

Tehran's Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir Abdollahian said  "Riyadh's behavior and its siege of Yemen and preventing the dispatch of humanitarian aids will not remain unanswered." 

"Saudi Arabia is not entitled to decide for others in the region." On Sunday Iranian Red Crescent Society's Shahabeddin Mohammadi Araqi denounced Saudi blocked Tehran aid to Yemen.

"The IRCS humanitarian aid consignments are ready to be dispatched to Yemen, but unfortunately Saudi Arabia prevents their delivery to Yemen," he added.

US/Saudi blockade prevents humanitarian air and sea missions from reaching airports and coastal areas.

Saudis continue "prevent(ing) the dispatch of aid to Yemen," he stressed.

On Friday, former Yemeni leader Ali Abdullah Saleh called for ending conflict diplomatically.

On orders from Washington, Yemeni foreign minister Riyadh Yaseen rejected peace talks - calling them "unacceptable."

"There can be no place for Saleh in any future political talks," he said. 

"There will be no deal with the Houthis whatsoever until they withdraw from areas under their control" - code language for unconditional surrender Houthis categorically reject.

Saudi-led terror-bombing and fierce ground clashes continue. Reuters reported some of the most intense fighting "shook Yemen on Sunday."

Conflict continues unabated. Obama categorically rejects peace. He wants endless genocidal war. He wants control regained over America's former client state. 

Millions of defenseless Yemenis are in harm's way. Death, destruction and unspeakable human misery haunts them.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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NYT Editors Support Harmful to Health GMO Foods and Ingredients

NYT Editors Support Harmful to Health GMO Foods and Ingredients

by Stephen Lendman

Clear evidence shows GMO foods and ingredients are inherently unsafe. Reliable independent studies prove it.

Claims otherwise are Big Lies. Scientifically conducted animal studies show major human health risks from GMO products - including infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, faulty insulin regulation, gastrointestinal abnormalities, and major organ changes.

Monsanto and other GMO producers spend millions of dollars burying hard evidence - including funding scientists, journalists and others on the take to lie for hard cash.

Americans don't know what they're eating. Labeling is prohibited.

Most foods and ingredients they ingest are GMO tainted - slow poison harming their health.

Congress lets these products go unregulated. Bipartisan support approves poisoning the nation's food supply.

NYT editors are in lockstep with Monsanto and other biotech giants. They outrageously claim "no reliable evidence (proving) genetically modified foods now on the market pose any risk to consumers."

They cite the corporate controlled FDA as its source. They claim "little reason to make labeling compulsory."

Concerned consumers can buy organic products, they say. They ignore obvious issues.

Why hasn't Washington mandated proved safe foods and ingredients? Why aren't hazardous GMOs and dangerous chemicals banned. 

America's food supply isn't safe to eat. Federal, state and local governments do nothing to change things.

Nor editors in the tank for money and power. Times editors gave feature op-ed space to Mark Lynas - an industry funded supporter through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - a known promoter of GMO products.

When asked the source of his funding, Lynas claims the Gates supported African Agricultural Technology Foundation provides it.

On April 24, he headlined his Times op-ed "How I Got Converted to GMO Foods." He ignored how well paid he's been to promote them.

He touted the alleged success of pest-resistant eggplant "supplied by the government-run Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute."

He claimed productivity doubled. He ignored how it declines the longer GMO seeds are planted - or the toxic products they produce.

He claims farmers like Mohammed Rahman look forward to lifting his family out of poverty.

He nonsensically says he's improving environmental conditions at the same time.
ion on global warming and an anti-science position on GMOs."

How one issue relates to the other 
Activists want his GMO eggplant banned. It's unsafe for human health. Not according to Lynas.

"I, too, was once in that activist camp," he says. "I a lifelong environmentalist, I was opposed to genetically modified foods in the past."

"Then I changed my mind. I decided I could no longer continue taking a pro-science posithe didn't explain. He lied calling GMOs safe to human health.

"As someone who participated in the early anti-GMO movement, I feel I owe a debt to Mr. Rahman and other farmers in developing countries who could benefit from this technology," he says. 

"At Cornell, I am working to amplify the voices of farmers and scientists in a more informed conversation about what biotechnology can bring to food security and environmental protection."

"We need this technology," he insists. "We must not let the green movement stand in the way."

It bears repeating. Independently conducted studies free from industry influence and pressure show GMO foods and ingredients harm human health.

The debate is over. It's up everyone who eats to demand governments assure what they ingest is safe - that all harmful foods and ingredients are banned.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Kiev Announces Readiness for Escalated War

Kiev Announces Readiness for Escalated War

by Stephen Lendman

Hundreds of US combat troops are preparing Kiev's Nazi-infested National Guard, Azov battalion and likeminded extremist paramilitary groups for escalated aggressive war on Donbass.

Media scoundrels ignore what's ongoing. Fascist ruthlessness is called democratic governance, "free" Ukraine. 

Nothing is reported on continuing low-level war on Donbass ahead of resuming it full-blown.

Novorossia Today explained "US-backed Nazi elements are integral to the continued illegal war against the East, and prominently in the future trajectory of the Ukrainian state."

Ukraine is Obama's war - using Kiev fascists to do his dirty work, by all available means without mercy.

"…US policy and media propaganda work hand-in-glove to inflame the situation in a country already on fire," Novorossia explains.

Russia's Defense Ministry accused Washington of destabilizing conditions in Ukraine more than already by provocatively training Kiev forces for combat - including near Southeastern cities of Mariupol, Severodonetsk, Artyomovsk and Volnovakha.

Russia'a Foreign Ministry issued a similar statement - saying increased bloodshed may follow US combat troops involved in Ukraine, including training and joint drills with Kiev forces.

On Thursday, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf lied saying:

"It is really hard to get precise information about Russian troop numbers specifically, but we know there is a substantial Russian presence" in Ukraine.

On Wednesday, the State Department turned truth on its head accusing Russia of violating Minsk ceasefire terms by sending troops and weapons to Donbass.

Fact: No evidence suggests Russian Minsk violations - or any Russian military involvement since conflict began last April.

Fact: Repeated claims of "Russian aggression" are Big Lies. None whatever exists - not now, earlier or planned.

Fact: Plenty of evidence shows Washington arming Kiev's military with heavy weapons and training its forces for escalated war on Donbass - in blatant violation of Minsk.

Poroshenko pronounced Kiev's military ready for combat. "The lion's share of military personnel is from the fourth wave of mobilization," he said. 

"Look what a high level was achieved in just two months," he boasted. 

"We are preparing for the defense of our country" - code language for intending resumed full-scale war, at Obama's discretion. 

"On the territory of Ukraine there is now an aggressor, the enemy and we must do everything possible on our end in order to ensure effective defense," Poroshenko blustered.

"Those who participated in these exercises clearly demonstrated a high level ... the Ukrainian army today is one of the most battle-ready," he added.

He's planning escalated war without mercy. It's just a matter of when Obama decides to attack.

Naked aggression against one country after another is official US policy. Mass slaughter and destruction follow. 

Civilians always suffer most - more misery planned for Donbass residents than already.

How "battle ready" Ukrainian forces are remains to be seen. Donbass freedom fighters routed them last year.

More of the same is likely if full-scale war resumes - unless America gets directly involved, perhaps with air power terror-bombing.

Head of Russia's General Staff Main Operation Directorate Lt. General Andrey Kartapolov accused America of being the main initiator or all modern conflicts.

Washington and rogue allies attacked other countries aggressively without cause over 50 times in one decade, he said.

US policy intends mainly to marginalize, contain, weaken, and isolate Russia, he stressed.

In January, Putin said US political, economic and military support for Kiev aims to "achiev(e) the geopolitical goals of restraining Russia."

Ukraine's army is a US-controlled "NATO legion. We often say: Ukrainian Army, Ukrainian Army. But who is really fighting there?" 

"There are, indeed, partially official units of armed forces, but largely there are the (Nazi-infested) so-called ‘volunteer nationalist battalions,' " Putin explained.

They don't serve Ukrainian interests, Putin maintained. They target Russia on orders from Washington.

They comprise "a foreign NATO legion, which, of course, doesn't pursue the national interests of Ukraine," Putin stressed.

"Unfortunately official Kiev authorities refuse to follow the path of a peaceful solution. They don’t want to resolve (crisis conditions) using political tools."

They want war, not peace. Kartapolov accused Washington of sending US combat troops "directly in the combat zone near Mariupol, Severodonetsk, Artyomovsk and Volnovakha.”

"The US appears to be the ultimate instigator of all military conflicts in the world," he said. 

"The Western countries have begun to hold themselves out as ‘architects’ of the international relations system, leaving to the US the role of the world’s only superpower."

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Obama terror-bombed seven countries in six years in office. He has more naked aggression in mind.

US strategy for achieving unchallenged global dominance is one premeditated aggressive war after another.

Nations are destroyed to control them. Millions of fatalities are considered a small price to pay.

The "deplorable results (of US wars) are known all to well," Kartapolov stressed. They continue endlessly against nonbelligerent nations.

A UN report calls Syria and Iraq "international finishing schools for extremists." Afghanistan, parts of Pakistan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia follow the same pattern.

Imported terrorists from scores of countries infest these nations. Washington bears full responsibility. 

Rogue NATO partners and regional despots share it. Endless conflicts continue. Human suffering is extreme.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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US/Saudi Recruited Terrorists in Yemen

US/Saudi Recruited Terrorists in Yemen

by Stephen Lendman

Obama's genocidal war against 25 million Yemenis continues without mercy. US-sponsored cold-blooded murder claims scores of lives daily.

Noncombatant men, women and children are harmed most. Endless conflict persists - now involving US/Saudi recruited, funded, armed, trained and directed takfiri terrorists.

Islamic State fighters posted a video online announcing their presence - threatening to "cut the throats" of Ansarullah Houthi rebels.

It showed about two dozen heavily armed IS fighters preparing for combat. Their commander planted a black flag in the ground saying "soldiers of the caliphate (have arrived to) to cut the throats" of the Houthis.

"We have come to Yemen, with men hungry for your blood to avenge the Sunnis and take back the land they have occupied," he said.

He urged Yemeni Sunnis to join in battle against Shia Houthis. The video was posted on Friday - after a so-called Green Brigade claimed responsibility for a central Yemen car bombing killing five Houthi fighters.

Earlier attacks killed scores and injured hundreds in a series of suicide bombings at Shia mosques in Sanaa days before Saudi terror-bombing began.

Senior Houthi official Abdel Monem al-Bashiri said "Saudi Arabia has sent about 5,000 terrorists to Yemen and deployed them in the Death Triangle covering an area between Aden, Sanaa and Hadramawt provincies."

"Saudi officers are there for coordination between terrorists and pro-Hadi forces."

Yemeni journalist Sari al-Karim said "(t)he presence of Saudi officers in Yemen takes place for Al Saud's control over the terrorist operation in" Yemen.

Clashes between Ansarullah fighters and imported terrorists continue. Nearly 3,000 Yemenis have been killed, many thousands more wounded - including hundreds of women and children.

Sputnik News reports "many Russian doctors (and) medical specialists from other countries" continue treating sick and wounded Yemenis despite conflict conditions.

An anonymous Russia embassy source said "(a) lot of medical workers have stayed (in Yemen) including Russians."

So far, no fatalities in their ranks were reported. Russia's embassy reported Saudi-led phase two terror-bombing targets Houthi technology and manpower.

"They used to bomb all the arms, food and fuel depots they had information on, as well as military camps, and now they are carrying out strikes only on 'manpower' and technology in areas of combat operations in the provinces of Aden, Lahij, Abyan, Taiz, Shabwah, Marib, Saada," Russia's embassy said.

Terror-bombing so far failed to diminish Houthi strength. What effect IS terrorists will have remains to be seen.

On Saturday, a UN statement announced Ould Cheikh Ahmed's appointment as its special envoy for Yemen. He replaced Jamal Benomar. He resigned earlier this month.

Houthi official Mohammed Bahiti said Ansarullah fighters "will carry out a military attack on Saudi Arabia if the airstrikes on Yemen don’t come to an end."

He called ousted/US-installed illegitimate president Abd Rabbuh mansur Hadi a "traitor."

"The Yemeni people will not honor Mansur Hadi and (won't) allow him to return to power," he added.

He expressed Houthi readiness to participate in UN-brokered peace talks from "the point they were at before Saudi aggression."

Dozens of daily terror-bombings continue. Naval and air blockades remain in force.

An entire population is being suffocated. Obama bears full responsibility. 

Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other regional allies share it. Protracted US-orchestrated terror war without mercy looks likely.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Obama-Authorized Murder by Drones

Obama-Authorized Murder by Drones

by Stephen Lendman

Obama-authorized drone killings are cold-blooded murder by any standard - mostly affecting noncombatant civilians, innocent men, women and children in harm's way.

Former Obama White House press secretary Jay Carney lied calling drone strikes "precise, lawful and effective."

They're indiscriminate and lawless. They accomplish no geopolitical objectives. They arouse great public anger in targeted countries.

Days earlier, a drone strike killed a US and Italian hostage. A disingenuous White House press secretary statement said:

"It is with tremendous sorrow that we recently concluded that a US government counterterrorism operation in January killed two innocent hostages held by Al-Qaeda since 2011."

Obama's dishonest apology to surviving family members rang hollow. He lied saying "(b)ased on the intelligence that we had obtained at the time…we believed that this was an Al Qaeda compound, that no civilians were present…"

"Before any strike is taken, there must be near- certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured - the highest standard we can set."

Truth is polar opposite. More on this below.

The White House announced an investigation into the incident. Expect whitewash to follow.

Drone killings have nothing to do with counterterrorism. America's so-called war on terror is phony.

It's waged to advance Washington's imperium - through endless direct and proxy wars, including cold-blooded murder by drones.

US development expert Dr. Warren Weinstein and Italian aid worker Giovanni Lo Porto are two of thousands of US victims - murdered by American ruthlessness.

Drones are instruments of state terror. Claims about only targeting terrorists are Big Lies. So is saying using them makes America safer.

A 2012 Stanford/New York University study estimates only 2% of drone victims are so-called high-value targets. Evidence shows drone strikes facilitate anti-American recruitment.

The study said "US drone strike policies cause considerable and under-accounted-for harm to the daily lives of ordinary civilians, beyond death and physical injury."

"Drones hover twenty-four hours a day over communities in northwest Pakistan (and other targeted countries), striking homes, vehicles, and public spaces without warning."

"Their presence terrorizes men, women, and children, giving rise to anxiety and psychological trauma among civilian communities."

"Those living under drones have to face the constant worry that a deadly strike may be fired at any moment, and the knowledge that they are powerless to protect themselves. These fears have affected behavior."

Targeted areas are struck multiple times in quick succession - a practice called "double tap."

Family members, friends and bystanders arriving to help victims are themselves murdered or maimed by drone attacks.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism estimates over 4,400 innocent civilians murdered by US drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen alone since 2004 - besides many more in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and other US war theaters.

Dozens of Western civilians have been killed, including at least 10 Americans.

Britain's Reprieve human rights group estimates 28 noncombatants are killed to eliminate one so-called terrorist.

Reprieve's Jennifer Gibson said "(d)rone strikes have been sold to the American public on the claim that they’re ‘precise."

"But they are only as precise as the intelligence that feeds them. There is nothing precise about intelligence that results in the deaths of 28 unknown people, including women and children, for every (so-called real or invented) ‘bad guy’ the US goes after."

John Kerry lied earlier claiming "(t)he only people we fire a drone at are confirmed terrorist targets at the highest level, after a great deal of vetting that takes a long period of time."

"We don’t just fire a drone at somebody and think they’re a terrorist."

It bears repeating. Drone strikes are indiscriminate, lawless, cold-blooded murder. The overwhelming number of victims are noncombatant civilian men, women and children.

They're not so-called terrorists by any standard. Claiming otherwise is one of many Big Lies told to justify US ruthlessness.

In Yemen alone, US drone wars raged since 2002. Hundreds of Yemeni civilians perished. Obama killed many more noncombatants by drones than George Bush - with months left in his tenure to murder many more.

Reprieve's Jennifer Gibson was blunt saying "Obama needs to be straight with the American people about the human cost of this program."

"(H)is claims that this is a precise program look like nonsense, and the risk that it is in fact making us less safe looks all too real."

RAND Corporation senior fellow Seth Jones says "no major terrorist organization in the world…has (ever) been defeated by drones."

It bears repeating. They're instruments of state terror. They're used to commit cold-blooded murder - harming innocent civilians most.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Russia 1,700 - America Zero: Number of Foreign National Evacuated from Yemen

Russia 1,700 - America Zero: Number of Foreign Nationals Evacuated from Yemen

by Stephen Lendman

What do you call a nation going all-out to help desperate foreign nationals trapped in war zone hell: heroic and honorable by any standard! Led by a president and other officials valuing human life and welfare!

What do you call one refusing to help its own trapped nationals in a war of aggression it planned and implemented, using proxy killers to do its dirty work: guilty of the supreme high crime against peace! Disdainful of human life and welfare! A ruthless rogue state!

In early April, the State Department said "there are no plans for a US government-coordinated evacuation of US citizens at this time."

"US citizens wishing to depart (Yemen) should do so via commercial transportation options when they become available."

In other words, tough luck. You're on your own. We don't give a damn if you live or die.

Russia continues evacuating foreign nationals from numerous countries by air and sea - despite the risk during ongoing hostilities.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said foreign nationals evacuated from March 31 through April 22 include over 400 Russians and about 1,300 others from around 20 other countries - including America.

Russia will continue its rescue operation as long as it's needed, Lukashevich explained.

Thousands of trapped foreign nationals need help to get out - including 3 - 4.000 Americans. Russia intends doing all it can when most needed.

Washington abandoned its own - leaving desperate American citizens at risk from US ordered/Saudi-led terror-bombing.

State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf lied. On the one hand, she refused to explain why US citizens aren't being helped. 

Because they're Yemenis, a nationality Washington equates with terrorism. Because they're Arabs, not privileged white Anglo-Saxons.

On the other, she claimed "we have been collaborating for many, many weeks now…talking to other countries, other organizations…who may have ways of getting American citizens out."

"(W)e are working with other countries, but at this point, no plans to use US government assets to do so."

Fact: The world's richest country doesn't give a damn about its trapped citizens in harm's way - Obama's latest atrocity.

Fact: The State Department did nothing to help them. It contacted no one on their behalf. 

Fact: It provided no helpful information. It left defenseless US citizens on their own, out of luck.

Fact: Washington can easily evacuate all US nationals wishing to leave - by air and sea in a few days at most.

Fact: It could halt all terror-bombing to assure no one is in harm's way.

Fact: Obama could end his latest aggression - killing and injuring hundreds daily.

Fact: He deplores peace. He wants war continued - more endless aggression on his rap sheet.

"(T)he job is not done," he said - not until thousands more Yemenis are slaughtered in cold blood, not until the entire country is destroyed.

RT International spoke to 20 Americans Russia evacuated from Yemen. They said the State Department offered no help whatever - nothing when most needed.

They had to contact other governments for help Washington refused to provide.

Mouhammed Nasser said his "cousin contacted us from the US. He got hold of the Russians and then contacted us." 

"We only heard about it yesterday. We went from the village. It’s a five-hour ride." 

"We crossed that bridge. Twenty minutes later a missile hit the bridge we crossed."

Ismail Alafash said "I couldn’t make it out. I had to wait. It took me weeks to find a flight out of Sanaa." 

"I started calling airlines, agencies, the UN, the Russian embassy. Americans. They just kept sending us emails. They said basically: find your way out."

Kaled Alamarie said "(n)obody really helped until recently I was contacted by one of our community members that Russian plane is evacuating American citizens. I got lucky."

According to the State Department, victims are to blame for Obama's latest war of aggression. It's their own fault if they're killed or harmed in any way.

Rogue states operate this way. None in world history match America's ruthlessness. Endless direct and proxy wars rage worldwide.

Washington calls it democracy building. International law calls it naked aggression - the supreme high crime against peace.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

More Reckless Russia Bashing

More Reckless Russia Bashing

by Stephen Lendman

It ebbs, flows but never entirely ceases. Russia remains US public enemy number one - to serve its imperial interests threatening world peace.

Bogus accusations persist - reckless and irresponsible. The New York Times is America's lead corporate instrument of state propaganda.

On April 22, it headlined "Putin Bolsters His Forces Near Ukraine, US Says."

Throughout Obama's proxy war on Donbass, Putin was repeatedly accused of nonexistent Russian aggression.

Big Lies never stop. According to The Times citing US sources, "Russia has continued to deploy air defense systems in eastern Ukraine and has built up its forces near the border…"

"Western officials are not sure if the military moves are preparations for a new Russian-backed offensive that would be intended to help the separatists seize additional territory."

"(T)he new military activity is a major concern because it has significantly reduced the amount of warning that Ukraine and its Western supporters would have if Russian forces and separatists mounted a joint offensive." 

"And some of Russia’s actions, American officials say, are flagrant violations of the cease-fire agreement that European nations negotiated with Russia and Ukraine in February."

Fact: False on all counts. The Times knows it. Irresponsible reporting persists anyway.

Fact: At the same time, Russia has every right to station its military forces anywhere inside its borders.

Fact: Doing so threatens no one.

Fact: America belligerently deploys its military might worldwide - provocatively close to Russia's borders.

Fact: Hundreds of US combat troops are working jointly with Ukraine's Nazi-infested National Guard - readying it for renewed aggression against Donbass, perhaps intending to participate this time along with US terror-bombing.

Fact: Throughout over a year of conflict in Ukraine, Russia  worked harder to end it diplomatically than any other country.

Fact: Washington and rogue allies perpetuate conflict - going all-out to prevent peace and stability.

Fact: The whole world knows no anti-Ukrainian Russian aggression occurred earlier or is planned now.

Fact: Claims otherwise are Big Lies. Not a shred of credible evidence supports them. None exists.

Fact: Kiev agreed to three peace initiatives to end its war on Donbass - Minsk II the latest in mid-February.

Fact: Each time, flagrant violations occurred straightaway. They continue multiple times daily. 

Fact: Donbass forces respond only in self-defense - with no Russian involvement at any time.

Fact: Moscow seized no Ukrainian territory - or has designs on any.

Fact: Crimeans near unanimously voted by open, free and fair referendum to rejoin Russia - to correct a historic mistake. Putin accommodated them responsibly.

According to The Times, "the Russian military has been providing extensive training for separatists in eastern Ukraine."

Fact: Russia's only involvement in Ukrainian crisis conditions is its all-out efforts to resolve them peacefully.

Fact: Its military or other personnel have no involvement in the conflict. Claims otherwise are 
Big Lies.

Fact: America is totally involved in continuing war - its planning, implementation and arming Ukraine with heavy weapons, along with training its combat forces for renewed aggression.

State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf is paid to lie for her government.

"Combined Russian-separatist forces maintain a sizable number of artillery pieces and multiple rocket launchers within areas prohibited under the Minsk accords," she blustered. 

"Russia has continued to ship heavy weapons into eastern Ukraine."

Fact: False on all counts. Harf's comments contradict reality. 

At the same time, she turns a blind eye to flagrant Kiev Minsk violations. Washington considers naked aggression self-defense - its own and when committed by allies.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Efforts to Restart Sham Israeli/Palestinian Peaqce Talks

Efforts to Restart Sham Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks

by Stephen Lendman

Palestinians never had a peace partner in Israel, America or other Western countries - less than ever now with fascist US and Israeli lunatics running things.

They're all take and no give. They don't negotiate. They demand. 

They reject peace. They want unconditional Palestinian surrender.

They want endless wars and instability. They blame victims for their high crimes. 

Netanyahu said he'll never allow a Palestinian state - except perhaps a rump, isolated meaningless one on worthless scrubland surrounded by belligerent Israeli forces.

Decades of so-called peace talks failed. Chances for success now are virtually zero.

Britain, France and New Zealand urge passing a (worthless) Security Council resolution restating (dead on arrival) talks.

Washington said it may "reassess" its position - code language for old wine in new bottles.

Republicans and Democrats support Israel's worst crimes. 
Both countries partner in each other's wars.

They're in lockstep on longstanding Palestinian persecution - enforced Israeli apartheid conditions worse than South Africa's.

Washington says one thing. It does another. It fully supports Israeli land theft, lawless settlements, occupation harshness, and premeditated aggression against defenseless Palestinian civilians.

Murdering them in cold blood is called self-defense. Legitimate Palestinian resistance is called terrorism.

Longstanding Israeli oppression under Netanyahu's fascist regime is more hardline than ever.

Security Council resolutions change nothing. Israel ignores them entirely. Washington vetoes whatever harms its interests.

Restarting peace talks doomed to fail assures hypocrisy alone wins.

On Tuesday, AP said New Zealand is "working on a UN resolution aimed at restarting stalled negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians."

Its UN envoy Jim McLay told Council members it's time for them "to use (their) moral and legal authority (to restart) productive negotiations" - no matter how affording Palestinians long denied justice is virtually impossible.

McLay said New Zealand is working on resolution text language to inject "new momentum" into talks.

France and other nations say they're doing the same thing. "New Zealand stands ready to engage and be helpful," McLay said.

His nation will wait to see how a French initiative plays out. New Zealand will act accordingly.

French UN envoy Francois Delattre said "(i)t's the responsibility of this council to adopt a consensual and balanced resolution that sets the parameters of a final status and a timeline for the negotiations."

He ignored peace process hypocrisy - one-sided US-led support for Israel, disdain for Palestinian rights since mass slaughter, destruction and displacement established the Israeli state.

He said nothing about French disdain for human rights - its partnership with US imperial wars. It's turning a blind eye to Israel's worst crimes.

Britain operates the same way. Its rogue policies are longstanding. Its UN envoy Mark Lyall Grant's words rabg hollow urging "parameters for a peaceful and negotiated solution."

Why not decades earlier? Nearly half a century of oppressive Israeli occupation continues.

World leaders able change things responsibly do nothing - not now, not earlier, not ahead as long as Israeli interests alone are supported.

Western high-minded rhetoric doesn't wash. Pro-Israeli policies remain unchanged. 

On Monday, US and Israeli representatives boycotted a UN Human Rights Council session.

It addressed last summer's Gaza war - premeditated Israeli genocidal mass slaughter and destruction mostly harming Palestinian civilians.

Culpable Israeli officials remain unpunished. Large parts of Gaza remain in rubble. 

No significant rebuilding began. Promised funds didn't arrive. Palestinians remain on their own like always. 

Western calls for peace reflect gross hypocrisy - a cruel obscenity Palestinians understand best of all.

Chances for them receiving long denied justice are virtually zero. Nothing short of holding culpable Israeli officials accountable for their high crimes can work. 

Not as long as US veto power obstructs it. Not while Western states support Israeli oppression.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Saudi-Style Yemeni Ceasefire: Continued Terror-Bombing

Saudi-Style Yemeni Ceasefire: Continued Terror-Bombing

by Stephen Lendman

Riyadh's so-called next phase replicates its initial phase. Rhetoric alone changed.

Terror-bombing continues. Civilians are most harmed. They're being slaughtered in cold blood.

Saudi-announced Operation Restoring Hope involves destroying it.

Osfam's Yemen representative Grant Pritchard said "(a)irstrikes are continuing over Taiz today. It is Yemen's third largest city." 

"And there is fighting on the ground in many of the southern governorates. For example, Aden. They are still fighting there."

"Food insecurity figure has risen by approximately 2 million. So in the country there are about 12 million people that do not have enough food to eat." 

"That equates to nearly just under 50 percent of the population."

Including numbers before terror-bombing began, Pritchard estimates around 650,000 displaced Yemenis - thousands more daily.

Overnight Wednesday strikes targeted Yemen's capital, Sanaa, Lahij, al-Waht and Saada governorate.

Dozens of mostly civilians were killed - many more wounded. The death toll approaches 3,000, thousands more injured, many maimed for life.

Riyadh's Tuesday announced halt to terror-bombing was willful deception. Obama wants conflict continued - maybe until Yemen is entirely destroyed. 

Everything is orchestrated in Washington - including targets to strike. Civilian ones continue being terror-bombed.

On Wednesday, huge crowds massed in Sanaa - protesting Saudi state terror. They blamed Washington and Israel for ongoing conflict. They demanded it end.

The ICRC called worsening humanitarian conditions "catastrophic." Houthis said they'll talk peace under UN auspices - only after Saudi-led terror-bombing stops entirely.

Riyadh and Washington blame victims for their own high crimes. Conflict continues unabated.

Last Friday, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif wrote UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon - demanding the world body act to stop fighting.

Ban did absolutely nothing like always. He's a reliable US imperial tool. Zarif said:

"The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that all efforts, particularly those by the United Nations, should be guided, in conformity with the Charter of the United Nations and fundamental principles of international humanitarian law, by the following objectives:

1. Ceasefire and an immediate end to all foreign military attacks. 

2. Unimpeded urgent humanitarian and medical assistance to the people of Yemen. 

3. Resumption of Yemeni-lead and Yemeni-owned national dialogue, with the participation of the representatives of all political parties and social groups. 

4. Establishment of an inclusive national unity government."

Zarif's proposal so far is ignored. Washington deplores peace. Expect protracted conflict.

The WHO said numbers of sick and wounded seeking treatment dropped sharply after terror-bombing began. 

Victims can't access health facilities. Prices of essential medicines skyrocketed - making them unaffordable for most Yemenis.

Lack of clean drinking water and basic hygiene increase the risk of cholera, hepatitis A, severe diarrhea, and other waterborne diseases.

Tass reported Russia continues airlifting foreign nationals to safety - nine flights so far.

Since early April, Moscow evacuated over 1,000 nationals from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Cuba, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, America and other countries.

Russia's navy evacuated hundreds more - including 18 US citizens Washington abandoned. It refuses to help its own citizens leave war-torn Yemen.

Saudi terror-bombing accomplished only mass slaughter and destruction. Houthi fighters continue making gains on the ground.

Slow-motion genocide stalks Yemenis. Washington bears full responsibility. Its rogue partners share it.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Former NATO Chief Targets Russia Irresponsibly

Former NATO Chief Targets Russia Irresponsibly

by Stephen Lendman

Washington installed former NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen to serve as a convenient US stooge.

His predecessors operated the same way. So does his successor, Jens Stoltenberg.

Irresponsible Russia bashing is part of the job. Rasmussen took full advantage. 

He calls NATO an organization responsible for "an unprecedented period of peace."

It's a US-dominated imperial tool - a global killing machine prioritizing war, deploring peace.

Raping Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Libya are three of its high crimes. Some of its member countries ravaged and destroyed Iraq.

NATO's existence threatens world peace. Saving humanity from the scourge of war depends on slaying this monster - putting it out of business once and for all.

Its mandate is making the world safe for war profiteers - powerful monied interests benefitting from death, destruction and human misery.

NATO makes world peace impossible. It assures endless wars.

Rasmussen is a dangerous lunatic - a former Danish neocon prime minister, a war hawk deploring peace and stability.

His rhetoric suggests support for war on Russia. In an April 20 Project Syndicate op-ed headlined "A War of Values With Russia," he ludicrously claimed Washington's so-called missile defense isn't aimed at Russia.

It has nothing to do with defense. It's an offensive threat to Russia's heartland. Rasmussen lied suggesting otherwise.

His entire NATO tenure featured support for aggressive wars and serial lying.

He outrageously claims US-led NATO nuclear armed long range missiles pointed East are "to defend Alliance members from threats originating outside the Euro-Atlantic area."

Fact: None exist. Rasmussen knows it. He lied saying otherwise.

Fact: He continues irresponsible Russia bashing as a private citizen. He's well compensated for his deceit.

He lied claiming Russia poses a nuclear threat to Denmark - and by inference other European countries.

Fact: Russia threatens no other nation. It's one of the world's leading peace and stability proponents.

Fact: America, other rogue NATO allies and Israel are polar opposites - craving war, deploring peace.

Rasmussen ludicrously claims late 2013/early 2014 Ukrainian Maidan demonstrators were peaceful. 

Washington trained Nazi thugs in their ranks in Poland and Lithuania to murder Ukrainian police and private citizens - ahead of Obama's coup toppling democratically elected Viktor Yanukovych.

Rasmussen mocked Russian officials legitimately calling them neo-Nazis, radicals and provocateurs.

He bashed Russia for "engineering the annexation of Crimea." He ignored near Crimean unanimity to rejoin Russia - to correct a historic mistake.

Self-determination is an international law recognized right. Crimeans exercised theirs responsibly and legally in an open, free and fair referendum.

Rasmussen lied claiming Russian/Crimean reunification violated international law.

He ignores Ukraine's flashpoint threat to world peace. He claims illegitimate Nazi putschists in charge are democrats.

Kiev's war on Donbass aims to crush democracy. It's prohibited throughout Ukraine. So are all fundamental freedoms. Police states permit none.

Rasmussen's irresponsible rant recited one Big Lie after another.

"(T)he West must continue to stand up for Ukraine, as well as for Georgia and NATO members like Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania," he blustered.

"(W)e must…reinforce NATO's front line." He ludicrously claimed Western values "secure(d) peace for two generations…"

Fact: So-called US-dominated Western values wage one aggressive war after another - slaughtering millions, turning countries posing no threat to anyone to rubble.

Rasmussen calls it "liberal democracy." Genocidal aggression best describes it - possible armageddon if US-led NATO attacks Russia.

Rasmussen barely stopped short of urging it saying "(t)he West must respond accordingly" - based on repeated Big Lies about  nonexistent Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Perhaps nothing short of WW III will satisfy his blood lust. Lunatics like him operate this way - madness by any standard.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

Visit his blog site at 

Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

It airs three times weekly: live on Sundays at 1PM Central time plus two prerecorded archived programs.